Its raining. My badge isn’t with me. I need my badge if I’m to attend any of the upcoming programming, and somehow I didn’t manage to snag it from my car.
My car is in a parking lot behind the hotel. It’s not raining too hard. I walk out the front, turn left (past the smokers) and to the crosswalk.
It’s late on the second day. Turn left at the corner, nobody on the street. rain isn’t all that bad. At the end of the block, Cross the street straight. Rain is puddling in a few places.
The light is long. I walk past a pedestrian, head down, and make it to my car. My suit’s in the car. Do I want to suit? I weigh the options.
I’m not going to do anything sexual tonight. I check my phone. Grindr message. I evaluate, it’s not going to get past scheduling. Not for lack of trying!
But whatever, I’m going to get the head out, and the paws, and the tail, and then i figure it’s easier to fit the paws and tail in the suitcase
so I take out some junk and then I head back the way I came, head slung under the arm. My hat. its on my head. At the intersection I turn back to the car. Drop my hat off. can’t wear it while suiting.
Can’t wear my glasses either. And i’m out of contacts. I decide to put the glasses up in the suitcase. Take a paperclip, in case the suitcase jams.
I walk back, head towards the bathrooms. I compliment a stranger on their avian hoodie. it’s mottled brown and has fabric sewn in the shape of feathers. he gives me the supplier. I head into the bathroom.
Tail on, glasses off, head on. neck gaiter on.
… no badge.
Fuck. it’s raining.