I grab breakfast with Billy. We pull in at 8:30 sharp, but I spend a few minutes fumbling for my breakfist pills. He’s got an Avengers lanyard for his TCU badge. For a catastrophic moment, I think he’s been at the con.
These last few years he’s been attention deficit. I feed him the lie about the audio fest at the entrance, then sort of unspool the truth after we’ve gotten our food and the conversation circles back to me.
He doesn’t seem all that concerned. Billy likes those vicarious real-life streaming experiences where creators film themselves having fun and you watch them. I’m grateful that its not my thing.
We eat good chicken biscuits and some underwhelming tater tots. He’s in good spirits. he’s got a test coming up he’s preparing for and feels like he’s finally getting to find his role in the social
circles of the doctors and students. Its not my cup of tea, but i’m happy he’s happy. Can’t help but be a bit worried though, especially on reflection. He’s been in school a long time.
We drop into a soda and candy store next door. I’m chipper, it doesn’t seem like the christian girlfriend has made him any bit judgemental. I buy a few sodas, he buys a tin sign to put on his walls.
He collects them now I guess. We have a nice chatter with the cashier, say our goodbyes and make plans for meeting up again. I crack open a Bob Ross ‘Joy of Calm’ Sparkling Passionfruit Energy Drink and start driving.
While I drive, I flip over the cardigan covering up the fursuit box. you can see the head poking out. By the time I pull up to the first gas station though I’ve pulled the cardigan back over top the cardboard.